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  Wave Radio without CD

  ● Wave Radio with CD

  ● Lifestyle CD-5 single disc

  ● Lifestyle CD-20, 6 disc

  ● Acoustic Wave
CD-2000, CD-3000

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        AW-1 with Cassette

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  Bose Remotes

  Repair charges listed below include parts and labor shipping not included.
  We also stock refurbished remotes which can be ordered by calling 719-550-5810.

Model RC-5  Repair=$89.95
Refurbished replacement=$139.95

Model RC-20 Repair=$89.95
Refurbished replacement=$139.95

Model RC-9 Repair=$89.95
Refurbished replacement=$139.95

Model RC-25 Repair=$89.95
Refurbished replacement=$139.95

Model RC-11 Repair=$89.95
Refurbished replacement=None Available

Model RC28T-27 Repair=$89.95
Model RC18T-27 Repair=$89.95
Refurbished replacement=None Available

P1 Personal Music Control
Click Here for more info

AWRCC1 & 2 Front Load CD Wave Radio
$29.95 plus $9.00 shipping
Available colors limited, NEW

Lifestyle Systems  3 or 5 use RC-5
Lifestyle Systems 8 or 12 or  800 or 900  use RC-9
Lifestyle Systems 25 or 30 use RC-25
Lifestyle System 10 or 11 use RC-11
Lifestyle Systems 40 or 50 use P1
 How to test Bose remotes  

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