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        Bose Wave Radio without CD Repair Information


    Models AWR1-1W, AWR1W1, AWR1G1, AWR131, AWR113, AWR1RG, AWR1RW

   1. Bose wave radio dead, no display.

   2. Bose wave radio AM dead, FM ok.

   3. Bose wave radio distortion in sound.

   4. Bose wave radio buzzing.

   These are some of the typical symptoms we have encountered with the Bose wave radio. We use original replacement parts.
   Each piece of Bose equipment we receive is inspected and checked for current revisions and upgrades.
   Equipment is fully checked and tested after repair to ensure original factory performance.  Please note new displays are no longer
   available. Do not send in your radio if your complaint is a weak display and the rest of the radio is functioning ok.

   Flat Rate overhaul / refurbishing for the models listed above is $189.95 parts and labor plus return shipping and handling.

   Additional charges may apply for water, lightning or physical damages.     See terms and conditions for additional information.

Bose radios in for repair Inside the Series 1 Radio
 NOTE: Most every radio we receive has dead backup batteries. This is because the batteries will only last up to 3 days without the radio being plugged into the wall outlet. Also, the batteries only last about a year under normal use, so most people forget about them and they go dead. The backup batteries only purpose is to maintain the clock, presets and alarm information during a power outage. They will not power the radio if AC cord is disconnected. Dead batteries will be removed and recycled.
   There are 6 series of Wave radios that don't have CD's . Series 1 is the oldest, series 6 is the newest.
   Use the following to identify  which series you have. Each series has different PC boards with design changes.
   In our experience there are no big improvements between the different series radios. We repair series 1 though 5 radios.

   Series 1 has AA backup batteries and an external AM antenna input. (See photo below) Manufactured 1993 to 1994

   Series 2 has AA backup batteries and NO external AM antenna input. Manufactured 1994 to 1997

   Series 3 has 9 volt backup battery. Manufactured 1997 to 2000

   Series 3 Hotel Variant has a 9 volt backup battery and a multi pin data connector on the rear of the unit. Manufactured 1997 to 2000

   Series 4 has 9 volt backup battery. Manufactured 2000 to 2003

   Series 5 has 9 volt backup battery and a music note located to the side of the AC power jack on the back of the radio.
                 Model # AWR1G1 (See photo below)  Manufactured 2003 to 2005

   Series 6 has NO control buttons on the radio.


Series 1 radios have an external AM antenna input Series 2, 3 and 4 radios
Series 5 radios have a music note next to AC cord input  
All Bose radios have a display dimming circuit that will automatically dim the display as the ambient room lighting gets lower. The intent is so the display doesn’t bug you in a dark room by being to bright. Sometimes this automatic dimming can be unpredictable as to when it will dim. If the radio is in the kitchen or any other room besides the bedroom, you may not want the display to dim at all. We can disable the dimming function so the display is at full intensity all the time. You may request this modification and there would be no additional charges to an existing repair bill.
Refer to your owners manual for additional information about display functions.

Wave Radio Poor FM Reception?

 Customers often complain of poor FM radio reception when sending in their radios.  Most Bose Wave radios have internal circuits that use the AC power cord (and house wiring) as an FM antenna. This is a convenient method to receive FM signals but has its drawbacks. One is, it’s impossible to change your house wiring to optimize signal level. You are limited to repositioning the power cord to improve reception.  Two, house wiring may have all kinds of undesirable signals from other equipment, dimmers and appliances.

 Wave radios also have an external FM antenna jack.  So which is better?  The external jack is! An external antenna can easily be repositioned to improve reception of your favorite radio station. Also, an FM antenna is designed to maximize the signal level of FM signals only.  The problem is it’s not optimal to have 2 antennas on 1 radio. This will cause a mismatch with mixed results.

 If you live in a metro area close to the radio stations then the power cord antenna may work fine. You may also add an external antenna which may help or may not. If you have difficulty receiving a clear signal of distant stations, we can help.  To maximize the receiver sensitivity, the power cord antenna circuits inside the radio need to be disabled. This will improve the match between the external FM antenna jack to the tuner. Tests have shown a sizable increase in radio sensitivity! Keep in mind if we do this modification to your radio, you will need to have an external antenna connected for FM reception.  We have antennas available for purchase.

 This modification does not effect AM reception or any other functions of the radio.  There is no charge to do this modification if done in conjunction with any other repair or service. Ask for “FM TUNER MODIFICATION”

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