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How to Ship



Terms & Conditions


Our shipping practices:

  1. Re-Use of packing material
  2. Use of recyclable boxes 
  3. Use recycled packing material
  4. We recycle all old boxes


We return ship UPS
in the US and Canada


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ground shipping time
from Colorado Springs
to your location.


  ● Equipment Repair Form

    Click here for pdf version

   1. We recommend  UPS or FedEx  ground .  We accept packages from any carrier.

   2. Include an Equipment Repair Form inside of your box.

   3. It is most important to package your equipment properly.
       Air pillows are bad because they burst at our altitude, 8,000 ft. Large size bubble wrap
       works fine. 99% of all damaged units are due to insufficient packaging.

   4. We will reuse your original factory Bose box if it is in good condition, otherwise it will be recycled.

   5. We do not use your shipping account.

   6. Local drop off of your equipment is welcome during normal business hours. 

   7. Staples, Office Max, Office Depot  are some available shipping locations.

          Caution!  Many Pack and Ship locations are using "AIR PILLOWS" which we do not recommend.
                           Boxes we receive with air pillows are deflated and equipment has no protection.

   Hear are a few boxes shipped to us using the Post Office.
This Wave radio actually made it ok! This box arrived empty!   Damaged Priority box.


     These are improper packing material.
Better than nothing? Don't use air pillows! Good for cholesterol, bad for radios
Don't use rigid Styrofoam for Music Centers Just makes you laugh! Particle board and duct tape!

We recommend large bubble wrap. Use 3 layers on all sides then place additional packing (foam peanuts or similar) to fill any voids in the box. Use extra care to protect sharp or pointy edges


We receive many questions regarding shipping costs to return your equipment. The following information may help answer some of your questions. UPS shipping charges are based on the following.

1. Your distance from our location. (UPS calls these shipping zones)
2. The actual weight of the box. (heavier boxes cost more than lighter ones)
3. Total of all dimensions of the box. (a larger box cost more than a smaller box even if the 2
boxes each weigh the same)
4. Dimensional weight. The calculated weight is higher than the actual weight based on the total
dimensions of the box. (example; the box weighs 10 lbs but is charged as if it weighed 15 lbs
because it is considered oversize)
4. Insurance to cover shipping damages or loss of package.
5. Extended area surcharge. (applies to rural locations only)
6. Residential delivery surcharge. (UPS charges more shipping to a residence than a commercial location)
7. Signature required on delivery of package. (we give you the option to purchase this option)

So why does it cost less to send it to us than the cost to get it shipped back?

1. We are a business. (no residential delivery charge)
2. We are not in a rural location. (no extended area surcharge)
3. Most boxes we receive are to small for safe packing of your unit. We almost always use a
larger box to return your unit. (higher dimensional weight)
4. You may not have insured your package when you sent it to us. (we always insure)
5. We add a nominal handling and packing fee to each package.

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