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 Testing Bose "RF" (Radio Frequency) Remotes

 Many of the Bose remotes for the Lifestyle systems use radio frequency which will travel through walls. This will let you control the music center from a different room in the house. Should your neighbor have a similar Bose system you may find your Bose system turning on for no apparent reason. Under the battery door on the remote is a dip switch that allows you to change the "House code" to eliminate any interference from another system. Refer to your owners manual on how to perform a house code change.

An easy way to test your remote is to place it next to an portable AM radio. Tune the radio so it is off station with the volume turned up, then press any button on the remote. If the remote is sending out a good signal you will here a pulsing noise from the radio. For this to work you will need to place the front end of the remote close to the built in antenna of the AM radio. If you are using a Bose rave radio to perform this test, the built in antenna is located on the left side of the radio.

Occasionally the remote will still transmit a signal but at a reduced  level. This makes the remote inoperable at any distance greater than a few feet from the music center. In other words the AM radio test is not  100% accurate in determining the condition of your remote.

Sometimes the remote will need "Synchronization" with the system. See owners manual for procedure.

Testing Bose "IR" (Infrared) Remotes

Since infrared is invisible to our eyes we need to use a device that is sensitive to infrared. I have found that most digital cameras will sense the infrared signal. In a dark room point the remote directly into the lens of the camera. Press any button on the remote and you should see the infrared signal from the remote. The picture below shows what it looks like. Use a known good remote to validate your testing proceedure.


Remotes for any Wave radio models are not repairable and must be replaced.




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