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     Bose Lifestyle Model 5 repair information


  1. Bose CD-5, no display, radio and CD work ok.

  2. Bose CD-5 skips.

  3. Bose CD-5 CD won't play.

  4. Bose CD-5 intermittent power.

   These are some of the typical symptoms we have encountered with the Bose CD-5.  We use original replacement parts.
   Each Bose we receive is inspected and checked for current revisions and upgrades.
   Equipment is fully checked and tested after repair to ensure original factory performance.

   Flat Rate cost for complete overhaul / refurbishing with upgrades for the CD-5 is:  $499.95 parts and labor.
   Repair cost without CD portion of repair is $399.95

   Prices do not include return shipping and handling. Additional charges may apply for water, lightning or physical damages.
   See terms and conditions for additional information. Models that don't need an overhaul would be less than the overhaul price.

 Separate AM and FM antennas are required. Power is 12 volts AC.
CD-5 Under test CD-5 rear panel connections


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