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   ● Acoustimass Modules



 Acoustimass module disassembly. This procedure should only be done with care.

  The electronics module itself can be sent in for repair. This will save by not shipping the entire cabinet.
  If you would prefer to watch a video of this procedure, go to the end of this page.

   1. Remove all cables and power cords before proceeding.
   2. Allow 1 hour for power supply capacitors to discharge before disassembly.
   3. Perform all work on a non-metallic table surface.
   4. Practice standard Anti-Static procedures, (don't walk across the carpet then touch the PC boards, etc.)
   5. Review ALL steps below before any disassembly.

Remove the 2 screws as shown. Some models do not have these 2 screws.
Remove the 2 tone control knobs by prying outward with small screwdriver. Be sure to align the flat portion of the shaft when re-installing knobs.
Rotate the release tab with a small screwdriver so tab sticks out.
With plastic housing extending past the edge of your work bench, tap on the housing with the palm of you hand in a downwards motion. At the same time, using a small screwdriver, release the 2 plastic tabs to free the housing. The housing will slide down about 1-2 inches then will release from its mountings.
Here is a picture of the housing removed. The release tab needs to be in this position when the housing is reinstalled.
Remove the small white connector, located next to the gray flat cable by pressing the release tab on the connector and pulling connector off.
Remove the 4 black screws from side 1 as shown. Do not remove the 2 silver screws.
Remove the 4 black screws from side 2 as shown.  Do not remove the 2 silver screws.
Using a screwdriver, carefully pry the module assembly from the speaker cabinet. It may take some effort to release the module, it sticks to the gasket, but will come loose with time. Move the connector wire through the slot in the plastic cases so not to get damaged.
The module assembly can now be removed.
Module assembly ready for shipping. Wrap in heavy paper or several sheets of newspaper or other non-static material then bubble wrap.
Speaker cabinet with module assembly removed. Inspect the woofers for surround foam damage. Look for cracking between speaker cone and foam. If any damage exists the woofer will need to be re-foamed or replaced.
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