Lifestyle 5 series III

The LS5 series III system includes: one CD5V2 (single disc CD player) music center,
one RC-5 remote control, one AM5P series IV bass module (shown below) and two dual cube satellite speakers.

NOTE: The CD5V2 music center outputs a digital control signal to the bass module. The older music centers (CD5 and CD5V)
           do not have this function and will not work with the AM-5 series IV bass module. The label below shows the V2 designation.
           All 3 of the CD-5 versions (CD5, CD5V, CD5V2) look identical, however the insides are very different.

                              CD5V2                                                                 CD5V2 Label

                 AM-5 series IV   Bass Module                                        AM-5 series IV label

We have parts in stock to repair the bass module, RC-5 remote and all the CD-5 music centers.
We don't have any parts for the satellite cube speakers.

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