Bose Lifestyle 12 series II

      Bose Lifestyle 12 Series II

The Bose LS12 series II system includes: one CD5V2 (single disc CD player) music center, one RC-9 remote control,
one AM25P series II digital bass module and five dual cube satellite speakers.
NOTE: The CD5V2 music center outputs a digital control signal to the bass module. The older music centers (CD5 and CD5V)
           do not have this function and will not work with the AM-25 series II bass module. The label below shows the V2 designation.
           All 3 of the CD-5 versions (CD5, CD5V, CD5V2) look identical, however the insides are very different.
Bose Lifestyle Model 5 Music Center
CD5V2 CD5V2 Label
AM-25P series II Bass Module AM-25 series II label
Note: The AM-25P series II digital bass module looks the same as earlier analog versions but are NOT interchangeable.
          An easy way to tell the difference is to count the number of pins in in the multi-pin connector, 8 pins is the earlier analog version,
          13 pins is the newer digital version.
We have parts in stock to repair the bass module, RC-9 remote and all the CD5, CD5V, CD5V2 music centers.
We don't have any parts for the satellite cube speakers.

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